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This is a unique Craps Betting System I have not seen anyone else using or posting.  I really like to play it on a choppy table

Start after a point is made or the shooter sevens out.

Place a $6 don’t come bet.

After the shooter makes a point (does not throw 7 or 11) example the shooter throws a 4 we have a $6 don’t come that pays even money (don’t take odds)  and we place the 4 for $5.  If shooter 7’s out we make $1.  If the shooter throws the 4 we get $9 back minus the $6 lost for a profit of $3.

Every roll you add a new come bet to keep everything in play at all times.

I play this system with two unit bets (10-12) vs 1 unit so your payoffs will be a better amount. If a point is hit  a 4 or 10 will yield a $6 profit.  a 5 or 9 will yield a $2 profit as will the 6 or 8.

If the shooter sevens out your profit is $2 on all numbers except 6 or 8 and then it is a push.

This is a system you can run with a small bankroll because you only have your don’t come bet at risk for one roll then you place bet the don’t come number and you get a profit no matter if a 7 comes or your placed number


Your risk comes from the 7 on your don’t come bet while you get a bonus on the 2 or 3 of winning your don’t come bet immediately.

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