Craps Place Betting Regression/Progression System

June 2, 2017 by  
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Craps betting systems are numerous but this is one of my favorites.

Place the 6 and 8 for $18 each (or three units) on the come out roll (even if one is the point)

When a 6 or 8 is hit you collect $11 and play the 5,9 for $5 each while making the 6 and 8 $6 each (or 1 unit).  This gives your four numbers for $1

Next hit you pick up the 4 or 10 and keep back the balance for profit at this point you have 5 numbers working and have a small profit of $1 to $3 if the 4 or 10 was hit.

Next hit pick up the 10 or 4 whichever you did not bet.  Now you have all the numbers working, a small profit.

At this point I alternate profit and press the bets.  If I hit a pressed number I only go up one unit ($5 or 6) and take profit with the rest until I have for units on a pressed bet.  Then I go two units on the press bet.

At anytime you can set your bets off until the next point or shooter.

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