Craps Betting Systems Hedge System

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This is a unique Craps Betting System I have not seen anyone else using or posting.  I really like to play it on a choppy table

Start after a point is made or the shooter sevens out.

Place a $6 don’t come bet.

After the shooter makes a point (does not throw 7 or 11) example the shooter throws a 4 we have a $6 don’t come that pays even money (don’t take odds)  and we place the 4 for $5.  If shooter 7’s out we make $1.  If the shooter throws the 4 we get $9 back minus the $6 lost for a profit of $3.

Every roll you add a new come bet to keep everything in play at all times.

I play this system with two unit bets (10-12) vs 1 unit so your payoffs will be a better amount. If a point is hit  a 4 or 10 will yield a $6 profit.  a 5 or 9 will yield a $2 profit as will the 6 or 8.

If the shooter sevens out your profit is $2 on all numbers except 6 or 8 and then it is a push.

This is a system you can run with a small bankroll because you only have your don’t come bet at risk for one roll then you place bet the don’t come number and you get a profit no matter if a 7 comes or your placed number


Your risk comes from the 7 on your don’t come bet while you get a bonus on the 2 or 3 of winning your don’t come bet immediately.

Craps Place Betting Regression/Progression System

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Craps betting systems are numerous but this is one of my favorites.

Place the 6 and 8 for $18 each (or three units) on the come out roll (even if one is the point)

When a 6 or 8 is hit you collect $11 and play the 5,9 for $5 each while making the 6 and 8 $6 each (or 1 unit).  This gives your four numbers for $1

Next hit you pick up the 4 or 10 and keep back the balance for profit at this point you have 5 numbers working and have a small profit of $1 to $3 if the 4 or 10 was hit.

Next hit pick up the 10 or 4 whichever you did not bet.  Now you have all the numbers working, a small profit.

At this point I alternate profit and press the bets.  If I hit a pressed number I only go up one unit ($5 or 6) and take profit with the rest until I have for units on a pressed bet.  Then I go two units on the press bet.

At anytime you can set your bets off until the next point or shooter.

Craps for beginners

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Craps is one of the most exciting and social casino games in the world today.  But the loud crowd and complicated-looking table can sometimes scare beginning players away.

Craps, at its core, is actually a simple game.  There is only one main bet that players need to learn before heading over to the table or checking out a virtual table online.

After this one main wager, the other bets will come in time.  Luckily, for the players, this one main bet has better odds than any of the other possible wagers in craps.

More money is played at craps today than at any other casino game.  The game is also one of the oldest of all the casino games and the only popular dice game at American casinos today.  Its popularity isn’t it doubt and after a player learns the one basic bet in the game, its simplicity will not be questioned either.

Before starting to play craps, a player needs to learn the basic etiquette and vocabulary of the game.  Craps players have a language all their own.  The terminology is also rivaled by the etiquette and politeness rules.  This game is ancient and many of the players’ superstitions date back to its historic origins.   Most players claim that learning the terms and etiquette is actually more complicated than learning the game rules and strategies.

There are two rounds in craps.  The first round is called the Come Out Round and the second is called the Point.  Even though there are two rounds, there is really only one basic bet.

The bet is this: the shooter – the person throwing the dice – needs to throw a 7 or 11 in the Come Out Round.  These numbers mean an automatic win.  A 2, 3, or 12 being rolled means an automatic loss.  Any other number: 1, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 will become the Point and the game moves to the second round.

The objective in the Point round is to roll the Point number before rolling a 7.  If the shooter rolls a seven before the Point this is an automatic loss and a new game will begin.

Craps Tips

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If it is hard to beat the house in casino game craps, it is impossible to beat it regularly. When playing casino game craps, do not expect to win most of the times. No real winning strategy exists for craps casino game. But you can minimize your losses and make the game more enjoyable to play, more entertaining if you follow some simple craps tips.

Casino craps is a sophisticated game, it has so many kinds of bets that the first thing you need to do is to learn the casino craps game rules.

There are two most common bets in the casino game craps rules – the pass line and the don’t pass line. Whenever one of them wins, the other one loses. We will mention two other casino game craps bets which are also more important than the rest: the come bet and the big 6 and big 8 bet. Both of them as well as the pass line bet have lower house edge.

– Pass line bets. The basic bet that the shooter will make a pass. Wins if you either throw a 7 or 11 on the come-out roll or repeat the point number before rolling a 7.

– Come bets. In the casino game craps it is identical to the pass line bet, except it may be made on every throw once a point has been established.

– Big 6 and 8 bets. The Big6 and Big8 bets are wagers that a 6 or 8 will be rolled before a 7. These craps bets pay even money.

Take all odds bets and bet the maximum allowed amount in the casino game craps.

If you are loosing the game, do not increase your bet as some craps players recommend. Do not forget that after all craps is a game of luck! If luck is against you, quit the game.

Try your luck, play craps online, hope for the best and have fun! We do not claim that these craps tips will help you win money, this article is for information purpose only.

Winning strategies: betting against the dice

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Thought the odds of winning are equivalent to the right betting strategies, 0.8 percent in a single odds game and 0.6 percent in a double odds game, very few craps players bet against the dice.

Many bettors feel uncomfortable about having to lay odds, putting more money on their free-odds bet than they will win should the bet be won, but as stated earlier, the free-odds wagers give the house no edge betting right or wrong.

However, players that bet wrong don’t mind giving the odds, for the roll of a 7, their winner will occur more often than any point number, and they’ll have frequent winners.

In addition, should a point be repeated, a losing roll for wrong bettors, only one bet will be lost.

The other points covered by the wrong bettor are still in play. On the other side of the dice, the right bettor fear the 7, for when it is thrown, all their established points and free-odds bets are lost.

We will apply the same principles of play as right bettors.

We’ll make only the best bets available to us, those that reduce the house edge to the lowest possible figure – The don’t pass, the don’t come, and the free-odds bets.